Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup! It's what's for lunch!

Earlier this day, I had breakfast with a friend when the topic of tomato soup came up. I thought to myself that that would be an awesome idea to have for lunch along with a grilled cheese sandwich! This combo was often made by my mother when I was young. That said, I can still remember eating this world class combo as though it was yesterday. 
Nutritionally, this popular 'kids' meal, has quite a lot going for it. (That is, if you don't take the relatively high sodium content into consideration). One half cup of the tomato soup from Campbell's offers up 480 mg of the 1,176 mg total. All told, that's a pretty salty meal deal! Blame this on canned goods and breads in general as they all use way too much sodium in their recipes. That aside, it's still a tasty combo that everyone seems to accept willingly, and growing up, I'm guessing I enjoyed it at least once a week. 

Preparation was a snap, especially if you have some sort of dual-sided grill. (I have an old George
Foreman grill that is about as old as I am, yet it still does a pretty nifty job on anything you put in it). Today that was two slices of potato bread along with a slice of American cheese!

The canned soup was dumped into a small pot along with a can of water. This was then heated to boiling while being stirred from time to time. The total elapsed time for this meal deal was just over 15 minutes start to clean up.

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