Friday, January 17, 2020

The upcoming impeachment hearings for 2021!

After Trump wins the 2020 election cycle and remains President for another four years, Democrats are very likely to continue on in what has become the tradition of unseating the un-seatable.

December 2020 – As newly elected President Donald Trump prepares to march the Nation forward for a new term, beginning in January 2021, Democrats will be spending all their time trying to impeach him on some brand new charges of potential Presidential misconduct.

As I had an ear to that rumor mill, here were just a few of the 'hot' topics that I understand are being talked about behind very closed doors....

  • Charges of potential criminal larceny, to be filed, for the intentional misappropriation of funds for such items as White House toilet paper. Code name 'Shit Storm'.
  • An investigation into a potential sex scandal involving many high up Chinese government women. Code name 'Ah So'.
  • Gathering evidence that Trump was secretly working with Russia on developing an intelligent fungus that would replace people via absorption. This accomplished through the manipulation of the earth's magnetosphere that would cause everyone, (excepting those Democrats who had a working symbiotic relationship with the aforementioned fungus) to regain power! Code name 'A Fungus Among Us'.

If any of these investigation proved to be true, it would be an existential threat to Democracy, the US Constitution, black people and the World at large.

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