Thursday, July 30, 2020

A darkness creeps over the land!

If one thing could be said about the United States, these past few years, it would be wow! Ever since the election of Donald Trump to office in 2016 the country has been on a roller coaster. Even with the combined might of the mass media and the Democratic Party, great strides were made on many fronts. Unemployment among blacks were at a historic low. Women, of all color, saw impressive gains in hourly wages and salaries. Historic trade mistakes were corrected with a resultant flow of money into the US, not out of it. It was as though as light had been turned on in a room that had been dark for eight long years. America was back and stronger than ever!

Then, January of 2020 happened. It was an elections year and almost as if on que, things began to unravel due to the China virus. The Left and the Media say this as the perfect opportunity to unseat Trump in November. Rather than rally around the flag, the Left choose to weaponize the Covid-19 virus with daily assaults and second guessing the President actions. The result, predictably, was chaos. Trillions were spent just to keep the economy afloat as things got worst under a fog of fear perpetrated by the Democrats and an all too willing mass media. The light that was, was no more.

Now with August, just around the corner, the rhetoric has been turned up even higher with calls for more shock troops like BLM and Antifa to go out to burn, trash and hurt Democratic run cities. The message was very clear. Elect Biden or there will be more of the same! Then, there was the spreading of fear....

Fear is one of the biggest motivators that there is, and the Democratic Party's 'machine of doom and gloom' ramped up into full gear as the summer arrived. No longer interested in the spreading of only misinformation, the Democrats unleashed a smorgasbord of outright lies that blamed Trump for just about anything and everything. When the Nation needed a level headed approach, which Trump provided, the Left attempted to convince the public that somehow Trump was completely to blame, even as the Governor of NY lead older people to almost certain death in elderly homes and subways...

Fear was also the hallmark of what happened after George Floyd was killed by offices on May the 25th in Minneapolis. What started as a justified protest, saw even the burning down of protesters places of business (WTF). Very quickly, (after Antifa forces were already in place before Floyd's death), they hijacked the movement and turned it into a ongoing terrorist action. Other groups of terrorists were also bused into other cities to light more fires, to spread more fear and to divide more people. And, I would lay at the feet, of all who were hurt, the Democratic Party and their bitches, aka CNN and MSNBC.

So, American voters do have a choice. They can move in a conservative direction the brings the hope of light, freedom and prosperity.... or they can move the other way. November will be the tell all.

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