Monday, November 8, 2010

Random thoughts for November 8 2010

I have to assume Al-Awlaki is f’ing nuts!

I do know for a fact he is a dickless maggot. His only redeeming quality may be the price someone can get for the minerals in his body after it is cremated. While I love my fellow man, the key word is man. Al-Awlaki is not a man. He is so low on the evolutionary ladder that his kinship would be closer to that of mollusks. Other than that I have no problems with him. Hope they catch you soon you crawling snail.

Cold weather to let up for a few days!

So, I want everyone to run around outside like mad until it gets cold again. My garden is now completely decimated, but the good news is no more grass cutting for something like three or four months! Also, no bugs to worry about. That means I can get back out into the forest for a great hike without coming home covered in ticks. Nasty critters they are.

Obama is out of the country!

Is there anyway we can keep him out now that he’s gone? It’s not that I don’t love the dear man. He just seems to keep tripping over his own dick a little to often for my comfort. Perhaps he can help China the way he’s helped America. Now that would be fun to watch. While we’re at it let’s send over Reid and Pelosi. They could form the vanguard point team to bring free health care to 1.3 billion Chinese. Yeah, like that would work.

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