Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten ways I annoy people!

I have to admit it. I do have a tendency to bother people from time to time. One family even sent me a list of ten things I’d done that annoyed them in the past. Here they are:

1)      The time I brought a bottle of Night Train wine over for Thanksgiving dinner.
2)      My habit of calling frequently at 3AM to “discuss old times".
3)      The time I emailed a video I made consisting entirely of dire FBI copy warnings.
4)      My habit of drumming my fingers on every surface I encounter.
5)      My habit of referring to others as ‘Champ’ or ‘Tiger’, while referring to myself as ‘Coach’.
6)      Wearing my pants on backwards just for grins.
7)      Pretending my mouse is a ‘CB radio’ and saying “Uh, 10-4 good buddy” more than a few dozen times.
8)      Sitting in my front yard, in a lawn chair, while pointing a hair dryer at passing cars.
9)      Staring at a point on their chin when their talking with a growing look of concern.
10)  Sadly informing them that their children certainly don’t look very promising, and really meaning it!

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