Monday, April 29, 2013

Biodiversity and a common field of grass!

I should say that a wild 'cultivated field' of grass is pretty cool to look at, at least along its edges. At this time of year (early May 2013) there are all sort of bio-diverse stretches of vegetation growing in small strips along a field of mono-cultured (aka made for money) fields that are leased out along the Bull Shoals river here in southwest Missouri. The really neat thing is; little life forms that make up our planet are still surviving in what ever spaces they may find! (Even while we, as a species, are exterminating approximately 100 or so species planet-wide per day)! Go team Man!

On this particular and most glorious day in mid-spring, I watched with fascination as grasshoppers, bumble bees and other interesting little insects went about their business amid a small stretch of ground that boasted a complex assortment of plants and weeds. I noted a plurality of wild garlic grass, purple clover, hog weed, grasses and other plants I have no name for – all growing 'cheek to jowl' in perfect biotic harmony.  Synergistic life, existing in an almost perfect balance with no other real enemy, other than man. A state of affairs that makes me wonder sometimes are we a Godsend to Earth, or, are we a scourge for all those innocent creatures over which we exercise such hard dominion? (At this time, I'm guessing that were it not for the Bible, we would not have very much to recommend us).

Personally, I'm on the side of the animals, the plants and the insects. May they prevail and prosper long after the 'Plague of Man' has long since passed!

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