Saturday, October 25, 2014

Craig Leonard & Turn the Page!

An alumni of mine from Prospect High, though we ran in different circles - A most excellent musician Craig Leonard. - Also an endearing song from back in the time! Now, as I reflect back to those times, there existed a special group of very talented people back in that 500 plus group from 1968, I remember people like Bruce Boxleitner who went on to stardom. And then there was the Cellar in Arlington Heights, back in the day with groups like The Shadows of Knight! Good times all! And yes Craig, I do like your music! Please rock on! We are 'still crazy after all these years', for those of us still standing, at least? Personally, I'm still 'strutting and fretting' on a stage with little to very few audiences....  That be me, though. And, circa 2017, I'm still listening and still turning those pages, Craig!

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