Friday, October 30, 2015

Not even one red cent! The great Obama swindle!

Way back in the heady days of 2008, my nation have a young upstart candidate who, against all odds, was elected President of the United States. His name was Barrack Obama and one of his promises to the American people was to 'spread the wealth' as money would be redistributed from the evil wealthy to us poor have nots. Trillions and trillions were spent in wild abandon! A mind boggling amount, as my Republic has now gone well over seven trillion in debt as a result.

But, here's my challenge to any of my readers. I would love to hear from just a few people who saw even one red cent of this mountain of money! (What's one trillion dollars divided by 300 million Americans)? Huh? I know I never saw a penny. I know that my roads and bridges have the same problems they had seven years ago. I know that getting work is hard to do and I know that its now a challenge to get enough food at the market from week to week without going broke!

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