Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Freezer Burn Bill! DanO Burger's poor cousin!

Note: This was not what I was going to get to eat this day!
 It was a very dark time in my life... No wait! It was actually still dark outside when I got up. Honestly, it was more of a hungry time in my life, as I was on a diet from hell. And, while the weight loss results had been rather mixed, I have managed to march forward even to the point of enjoying a good old fashioned DanO Burger! Well, it was sort of like that...

On this Valentines Day, on an otherwise nondescript February in 2017, I decided to assemble a more rudimentary burger wannabe thing, thereby foregoing all the razzle dazzle that was in my more infamous creation. (Eating a hamburger that was to be under 400 calories takes a little bit of planning don't you know). Firstly, I had to forget about having a side dish. Secondly, I also went on the light side in terms of condiments, especially where it concerned the use of Mayo! So, this was a rather plain Jane affair consisting of; a bun, 150 gram hamburger patty, a slice of lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes and some mustard and ketchup. Can you say boring? I could hardly wait to sit down to that affair, let me tell you!
Meet Freezer Burn Bill!

To add insult to injury, I didn't have any fresh buns on which to mount my burger! My only option was an old frozen bun that I had stuck into my freezer back in '68 or thereabouts. (I never knew you could 'freezer burn' a bun)! Anyway, that's what I had and that's what I was going to eat! I took a picture of it at right. In spite of it rather plain looks, the burger was one of my better efforts in the taste department!

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