Monday, April 17, 2017

DeVane has lost it!

Someone should give Rosland Capitol a heads up. If you watch Fox New with any frequency, you probably have had a gut full of William Devane and his ads on the prices of gold. He's encouraging everyone to drop a minimum of $1500 to buy gold.  I guess no one every showed him a graphic like this... Gee. The price of gold is actually going down with time. Not perhaps the best idea when thinking of a good long term investment, ya think? Me? I'd think that buying up lots of guns and ammo just might prove a better bet should America get down to the business of a new civil War. But, that's just me!

On one very bad day in the future, this idiot or someone like him, may come to your door at a time when it's all fallen down. And, he might offer you a fistful of gold in exchange for a bag of flour....

1 comment:

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