Monday, April 17, 2017

OK, so steak and eggs! Good or bad?

A good falling-off-the-diet-wagon would never be complete unless a gut-busting 'steak and eggs' breakfast styled breakfast was involved in there somewhere!

On any morning you could name, I wake up ravishingly hungry. On this particular morning, my fridge produced a Styrofoam-container full of eggs and a freshly purchased package of a (abet very expensive) Rib-eye steak. My mind put two and two together and then added some more stuff. I went in search of some bread and perhaps a potato to make hash browns with... [stomach rumbles a bit]...

Now anyone can throw together a steak and eggs meal – here's one I enjoyed at Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale in Forsyth not very long ago! But come on! When a person like myself is at least appearing to be on a diet, it doesn't do for me to site down somewhere in public and shove a butt load of calories down the old hatch. [Far better I do it in private!]

With that in mind, I assembled the following, (in the dark with the blinds closed);

2 eggs, sunny side up - 180 calories
3 ounce Rib eye steak - 170 calories
Slice of rye toast - 90 calories
Hash browns - 160 calories
Glass of water - 0 calories – Hey! I had to scrimp somewhere!

Let me see now, that comes to about six hundred calories!! I eat this and I can't eat anything else for what? Something like two days! [stomach rumbled more urgently]

Rather than mess around with those hash browns, I elected to go for simple fried potatoes or what I like to refer to as British dollar fries. These are easy to make, fast and don't hold as much cooking oil. Also, at the last minute, I went with just one egg. That and the fries switch brought the total calories down to the high four hundreds. A very doable breakfast!

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