Friday, April 14, 2017

We have a fire pit! Now what we need....

Yes! And, we need a wastebasket too!

Forsyth MO. - Earlier this year a group of outdoor minded men and women apparently got together and pooled some money for an proper outdoor fire pit. A great place for people to get together and enjoy the spirit of community that only a good fire pit can instill. But now that we have one, it got me to thinking....
Units like this can be had for $124

For not too much more money, one or more standard park in ground charcoal grills could be installed so that food could be properly prepared. Next we need some form of furniture in the form of benches and tables that would not lend themselves to theft. Add a small canopy and you'd have yourself self one hell of a great spot for out door groups that could work all year long, but which would be especially nice in the fall! Just a thought!

One afterthought concerning that recent concrete pour - 'Concrete does not dry, it cures. A 28 day cure is generally specified. It is desirable to keep the surface of the concrete wet or damp after it initially sets up in order to prevent 'dryout' which ends the curing process and limits its final strength!'

An update: After the rains of late April, the fire pit flooded and the firewood floated away.... a comment on these times?

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