Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How about an extra $100 a month?

According to an article written Jared Newman at the 'FastCompany' site the regular purveyors of mass media (satellite and cable) are losing customers in record numbers, 'Once again, traditional TV providers had their worst quarter ever, as 1.1 million homes cut the cord in Q3 2018'.

That line caught my eye and I began to question why I needed to watch while paying in excess of $100 per month for the privilege! Much of the new stuff being shown was either Fantasy Island or just plain old crap while the other offerings I could easily get via other means on the net. The one channel I did enjoy watching – Fox News was also getting increasingly inundated with crappy commercials. On the spur of the moment, I sat down to document about a half hour of programming. I recorded 25 commercials in just 30 minutes. In general a new segment would run for something like five or six minutes before jumping off to another round of products I'm really not interested in.

Seriously, I could count on the fingers on one hand of products I'd bought as a result of seeing a commercial. In general, I shop sites like Amazon, look at the reviews and then make a decision. I don't do drawings (Publisher Clearinghouse), support charities (as many are scams), don't do life insurance (no family), already know what restaurants I like, skip the fitness stuff (that's another story) and flatly refuse to listen to anything concerning meds - I want info, I'd  ask a doctor!

The bottom line is that I can see a lot of TV for free via a regular antenna, opt to watch over streaming net or sit back with a good movie via Amazon Prime of which I'm a member. Now... I needed to figure out what to do with an extra $100 per month!

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