Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Pasta! Again?

Let me see... I'm was still on a diet, and so, what would be great to have for lunch? Ah yes, a nice plate of pasta!

Strange as it my sound, a working diet requires that sometimes you cheat! Cheating accomplishes two important diet points; 1) cheating allows you not to go insane! And 2) it keeps your metabolism guessing as to just what that crazy owner was going to ingest next!

Today, the culinary delicacy I planned to prepare was Penne Mostaccioli (or Penne lisce if you happen to live in Italy), which is just one of over 600 forms that pasta shapes can take! I enjoy the smooth variety of Penne. Next week I plan to go with a plate of small Conchiglie just for grins!

For the all important sauce, I used Hunts along with a pinch of oregano and red wine! And what about the carbs and cals? I don't do that anymore! My new slogan is 'Live Large'!

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