Saturday, May 11, 2019

Enceladus attacks!

Who knew that when the Cassini probe crashed into Saturn last year that the event would be taken by the inhabitants of the small moon Enceladus as a declaration of all out war!

But, that's apparently what happened after NASA scientists received a burst radio message that read '
Cryptologists quickly translated that into 'Hey Bro! WTF? We are a coming to pay you a visit fool!' They also sent a pic of themselves......................

Initially, the US military was very concerned, until that is, they learned that the size of the average Enceladian was only about 4 to 5 microns! (That's about the size of a large virus)! Much laughter then ensued after realizing that a million of them would fit into a small thimble....

That laughter was quickly extinguished, however, when it was also established that humankind would be easily killed en mass, if large numbers of of us became infected by this 'bug'! There was no built-in immunity and no cure to handle this novel invader! (In addition, the invader's ships would be very hard to spot on radar as even the largest battle-cruiser was only about the size of a golf ball)!

On Capitol Hill, the issue quickly became intensely political as the Democrats and the Republicans quickly took opposite sides, with one side wanting to welcome and then quarantine the armada, while the other side wanted to develop new rules to allow for open and free immigration of these 'friends from afar'. And, of course, nothing got done from that point on.....

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