Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Washing machine blues!

One morning, I decided to do a load of laundry in my 'almost new' General Electric stacked washer dryer combo unit. I started the machine up and then went on to other chores. About 40 minutes later, I went to throw the clothes into the dryer only to find that the machine was completely dead with a tub full of water and not much else happening! Hmm.

After checking all the dials and then hitting the start button, numerous times, I thought that perhaps something was wrong with the electronic control board. I grabbed a Philips head screw driver and removed an access panel. What I observed puzzled me a lot. The entire board was soaking wet! How it got that way was a mystery until I was able to successfully dry and restart the circuitry. When the unit came back on, water gushed out of a slot near the board. Wow! I quickly determined that there might be something wrong with the washer fill tube, and not being handy with that sort of machine I called The Mr. Appliance company in Springfield to set up an appointment. Yes, I did check the water inlet fairly carefully and could not see anything wrong with it!

Tech Chris Penberthy

Two days later, a technician arrived at my door step to hopefully fix my troubled machine. His name was Chris Penberthy (a tech at Mr. Appliance) and he quickly found the source of the problem. It was a clogged fill outlet! Wow. It seemed that the micro holes had gotten clogged with calcium. As a semi-permanent fix, I elected to drill a 1/4 inch hole in the unit. This seemed to correct the problem, for now anyways. I found Mr. Penberthy to be courteous, prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend him for this type of repair work. Also, one take away, from the whole experience, was a promise to myself never to buy another product like this made in China!

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