Thursday, August 29, 2019

Chili with Habanero peppers!

Perhaps the title was a bit misleading. I actually only added just a bit of one Habanero pepper that I had grown myself. I figured that it might add just a touch of heat....

As far as I'm concerned, a really good chili is actually a simple chili comprised of just the following ingredients: hamburger meat, Williams chili seasoning, kidney beans and diced tomatoes! And, oh yeah, an added bit of heat in the form of the aforementioned diced hot pepper.

The above ingredients were tossed into a slow cooker set on high for two hours, after I had browned and drained the meat. Prep time was about 15 minutes. Now, as to the resulting chili... It was pretty dad burn hot! (I actually broke out into a sweat and ran to the fridge for a glass of milk). That said, it was also a very good meal!

Note: For those with any interest. There were about 1.31 calories in a gram, per my calculations. So, as I generally have about a cup of chili per serving, that equates to about 170 calories. Not all that bad for anyone on a diet.

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