Saturday, May 30, 2020

A new use for Health Choice steamer baskets!

I've often enjoy eating Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer products as they are great products, but had one problem with those two-part baskets. They always looked like they would be good for another use, yet I never could figure out one. So, over time, they accumulated in my cupboard.

Then, just recently, I had the idea of using a base with two of the baskets to set up an seed incubator. Crude? Yes, but it seemed to work! I used Miracle Gro potting mix, placed on top of a coffee filter as a medium in which to plant some seeds. I thought the coffee filter would work when I eventually transferred the seedlings to a conventional pot.

I'll see how this might work out and will post updates about mid June, when I expect the seeds to germinate.

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