Monday, June 22, 2020

A couple of thoughts on guns and the coming class wars.

Apparently many Americans are fearful concerning events that are happening around them these days. As, when that occurs, many head for the nearest gun store and stock up on firearms and ammo. 

I've visited or called a few area gun stores only to see and hear that firearms, especially handguns, are in great demand. One store near where I live, known as Doc Holiday, was down to only a handful of firearms in a display case that could hold hundreds. Ammunition was also 'flying off the shelves' according to one store worker....

 Sales nationwide were overwhelming as the FBI conducted 3.7 million background checks last month, the highest total since the national instant check system was launched in 1998! Yes, individuals are certainly arming up...But, for what?

There are three good reasons to own a gun;  hunting game, target practice, and self defense. Where I live in southwest Missouri, we have a good number of individuals who like to hunt or go out to improve their hunting skills through target practice. And now increasingly, we have citizens who have purchased a gun most likely out of fear. One young lady who works at a bar I go to recently announced that she just purchased a CX4 Storm 9mm handgun. As I listened to her talk about the gun, I couldn't help but wonder if she actually knew how to use it. Perhaps she hoped that should she be attacked, the mere sight of the gun would scare the attacker away. Who knows. But, there are many who buy, religiously carry and enroll in courses of self defense that include day, night and in car scenarios to mention just a few. Tactical training is a must have skill set if one is to both carry a gun and be safe with a gun. Also, understanding the legal implications of using a gun on another person is very important. You shoot a person, even in a clear cut case of self defense and you may still face both civil and legal hurtles in the days to come. So, shoot, but make sure you have a war chest of money, for afterwards.

Lastly, there is a group of people out there, who are buying semi-automatic AR styled rifles. These sort of guns can have all sorts of rails on them to support addons like lasers, flashlights and scopes. And, yes, they can be used for hunting. But, I think in the minds of some, they envision them being used in a civil war of some sort. Or perhaps, fending off hordes of virus crazed and hungry zombies. So, the bigger the caliber the better. Right?  Well, maybe. But remember, in a contracted war of any sort, urban and rural locations will likely devolve into nighttime skirmishes. And, in that type of situation, a 22 caliber target rifle with a night scope can be a real game changer.

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