Monday, June 22, 2020

Here's your new place rioters!

The Solution! I understand that ANTIFA and BLM  is in desperate need of a place to occupy. For a solution I would propose Alcatraz Island.

After naming the island as a 'nation' with a name like Mugamuga and branding it a nation with terrorist intentions, I would like to see a very high wall built with just one entrance. The military would be in charge of said border with order to shoot to kill anyone trying to make it into the US. Additionally an impenetrable blockade of ships would be put in place to ensure 'domestic tranquility'.

Supplies would be air dropped in with each 'citizens' name clearly marked on the package. Other than that all other needed items would have to be traded for just as with any other country. Perhaps Mugamuga could offer a supply of urine and feces, for whatever that would be worth...

Then, after everyone who wanted to belong and who had denounced their citizenship were all settled in, perhaps we could introduce some 'special' people into the mix. These would be the most sick and demented people we now have in our prison system, and at great cost, to the average taxpayer. This arrangement should make for a lively time and I'm sure that some in San Francisco might even hear them 'partying' during the overnight hours.

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