Saturday, October 10, 2020

Where are we headed, America?

The America I knew growing up is completely gone! That's not an opinion, that's a fact. Today, in October 2020, our represenitive and Constitutional Republic is lagging behind in a fight that was begun decades ago, by a cadre of evil individuals on the Left. That's conjecture, it too is a fact. Individuals who have been in office for decades, who have grown fat on Americans at American expense now want it all. They desire that last sexual hump on the rear end of a dying cow...

After the November election, anyone who might feel that things will get back to normal, will see that vision is a falsehood. You see, the Left has done its job a little too well. They have poisoned our schools, diluted our citizens power with illegal aliens and genderfied those who never want to become such.

Beginning this coming fall will be the introduction of Hell on earth, I do believe. Large increases in civilian deaths, wars, pestulence and great suffering. That is the end game for the Left, the Marxists and the morally bankrupt.

Amid all this sadness, Americans will utimately get a really good look at puure evil in the forms of individuals like, Biden, Harris, Pelosi and countless others, who have made a once great country, their personal trust of power.

So, I bid adieu to the Great Experiment in freedom. A flickering light that lasted but for a moment, before being swallowed up by darkness, once again.

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