Friday, October 2, 2020

On the question of collusion!

Here in America, one Party seems to be for a continuation of the great experiment that is our Constitutional Representative Republic, while the other side seems for some form of socialism, up to and including communism! Meanwhile, the Chinese Marxist government has made it no secret of their desire for world domination...Hmm

Now, consider a scenario where elements of the far Left and the Chinese government actively collude to bring about massive global change. Changes that would be agreeable to both entities if properly pulled off. A way that would see a very few controlling all the masses. Here in the United Socialist States, one might conjecture that it might be individuals like Schumer and Pelosi. Over in China it would likely be Xi Jinping along with his various henchmen. Perhaps America could eventually be a satellite and a servant of China with the Yen the default international currency? Yes, I know this is pure speculation on my part, but questions still remain, don't they?

Even assuming that the previous thought was remotely possible, what then would be the chances of China intentionally releaseing a virus that would create global crisis? Isn't that exactly what the Democrats have done here with their promotion of violence via Antifa and BLM? How would both be exploited for maximum effect? These are just a few questions circulating around my empty head this day.... And then, the POTUS comes down with the virus..... Wow!

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