Thursday, June 13, 2013

Critique: Ballpark Frozen flame grilled hamburger patties!

Up until I came across Ballpark frozen patties, I was not what you'd call a hamburger junkie. I'd have maybe one in a three week period. The problem was that they were a hassle to make at home, and the ones at the fast food joints were sky high in terms of salt content (1100 mg! No way Jose). Then I came across these little wonders straight out of 'hamburger hell'!

Now don't get me wrong! I think that overall, this product from the folks at Hillshire Foods is awesome tasting and it has that one extra thing that no real guy can resist – a patty is ready to eat in just 60 seconds (after a trip to the microwave)... NO WAY!!. Yeah, way, dudes! Add that to the fact that the sodium level is only at 470 mg and you have a real winner! The only down side, that I can see, is the hefty price you have to pay at the checkout counter! And uh yeah, all those hellish calories!

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