Monday, June 24, 2013

Obama's speech today on energy. Please watch, because you will be paying for it!

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'I gotta give it up for the Prez and his retinue of Left Wing crackpots! They either all sport giant testicles or they are so crazy that the rest of the 'sane' population is snake fascinated and seemingly powerless to stop them!'

One Obama insider stated yesterday that the President's speech (later today on Tuesday, June 24), will focus on new 'controls on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.' There is also said to be a plan that would boost energy efficiency of appliances and buildings, plus expand renewable energy. What probably will not be mentioned is the hefty price tag that will also be a part of this deal. Please note that whenever the President uses the word 'investments' in a speech, he is actually referring to increases in taxes that the average American will have to bear. (So if this passes, we all can expect large increases at the pump, for home energy and at the grocery store as a direct result of this series of initiatives).

But wait! There's more! Some Democrats like Rep. Henry Waxman, are calling for the implementation of regulations and their associated taxes, 'without the need to go through Congress' citing that it would take too long to push through otherwise! (Hey, after all, why bother with messy procedures when you can just shove stuff down a person's throat)!

But one has to it even worth it to change the climate?

An interesting article in Scientific American, 'The Alarming Cost of Climate Change Hysteria' paints a rather dismal picture on the billions and billions that have already been spent, and questions whether or not any of this effort has really amounted to much of anything. (A poignant point considering the way in which some other countries, notably India and China, are thumbing their noses at the environment with no effective controls whatsoever).

[Ideally, climate change should be a global effort and not the patchwork mess it is today.... but, that will never happen. Not with 196 countries, each with their own objectives and most of whom have a hard time even getting along with their neighbors!]

I would encourage all Americans to watch this speech, or to read the text version that will be posted on the Internet, later in the day. Discuss it among your friends and then call or write your congress person and tell them how you feel. While I'm all for cleaning up the environment, I want to balance that effort with other needed functions like eating, heating my home and getting to work!

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