Saturday, June 1, 2013

The vanishing American steak!

Actually, the sirloin steak is not so much disappearing, as it is becoming increasingly out of reach for many of us middle class consumers. If you're an average Joe raising a family, working and trying to make ends meet – steaks are probably already becoming more and more a rarity at your dinner table. The reason? The average price of beef has gone up over 33% since 2008 ($3.69/lb vs $5.53/lb). Add that to an 83% increase in the cost of gas, and just getting to a store to shop leaves very little left for such luxuries like steak.


So, how can the average America worker change this sorry state of affairs? Well, if you can't get rich (which is really hard to do and takes a lot of work), you can just go ahead and allow your finances to go down the tubes and crash! Start by getting fired from your job, max out your credit cards and sign up as a Democrat. If you are really aggressive about doing this, you could hit rock bottom in no time at all, and then count on the Obama's Nanny State to take care of your sorry ass. Get this stat! Last year, the Federal government spent over $60,000 to support welfare programs per household that was in poverty. Talk about a real life gravy train! Hell, sign me up!

Upscale housing in America in 2020!
I would, however, admonish everyone reading this to act quickly, though. Even the best and most optimistic estimates of how long it will be before a total economic collapse occurs are now less than six years off. After that, things will change rather dramatically as our Republic quickly moves on past second to third world status, all without passing GO.

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