Monday, May 27, 2013

Critique: Chicken Alfredo Florentine entree!

This frozen TV dinner style entree by the Michelina folks is one of their 'Lean Gourmet' meal a deals with pasta and chicken swimming bravely in a 'creamy Alfredo sauce' amongst bits of floating spinach.

Any dish with the moniker 'Alfredo' as part of the name is traditionally a pasta dish made from fettuccine pasta tossed with Parmesan cheese and butter, which all sounds pretty good, right? So, it was with no small amount of eagerness that I took this entree out of my freezer and inspected the microwave preparation instructions. They were pretty basic; just lift up a corner to vent, nuke on high for three minutes, then remove and stir the contents. Finally, cover it again (harder to do than it sounds by the way) and heat for an additional 1 to 1 ½ minutes! Easy greasy for a 260 calorie part of a complete meal!

Here's a serving hint! Make sure that you scoop out the contents and place them on a plate with some other more interesting sides; say like green beans and toast, for instance. (This will go a long way to diverting your attention from something that looks a lot like vomit).

Ding! The meal is ready!

So, here is what everything looked like when it came serving time. The sides really do help to make it more appealing and it still came in at just a tad over 500 calories! I felt that the initial nutritional information for the entree was augmented in a more positive direction by the green beans and toast. Other than the sky high sodium content, this meal wasn't all that bad – (just as long as you
can purchase it on sale like it did)! I gave the entree, itself, a score of 7 while the add-ons pushed up the overall experience to a solid 8!

The bottom line...

Meals like this one from Michelina are pretty much a dime a dozen. They are the frozen counterpart to some of the fast foods that will also kill you over time, if you make them part of your regular diet. Still, what with food prices for fresh produce, fruits and meat going through the roof under the Obama Administration, many of us have little, if any, choice.

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