Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meat prices set to rise sharply!

With no end in sight, the avian flu infections continue to rise all across the United States. Currently, about 34 million chickens have been destroyed in an effort to bring the plague to a halt. Experts are predicting it could be late June or July before a reversal of the trend is seen. And in the meantime, consumers can expect the cost of poultry, eggs and egg products to sky rocket in the months and years to come. Some analysts say consumers are probably seeing some price increases, not only for cartons of eggs but also for products that contain so-called liquid eggs, which are used in everything from mayonnaise to cake mix and are a major product of Iowa’s poultry industry. Fast food chains, like McDonald's, who do a significant amount of their business in breakfast foods, are expected to pass on costs to consumers that some predict could triple by the summer.

But wait, it gets worst. As the country finds itself with poultry meat at a premium, it's expected that the shortage will also drive up the cost of pork and beef just as the country is headed into the summer months. And, with inflation beginning to increase on products across the board, consumers may soon find themselves strapped for cash. All this happening at a time when the government is expected to ask for large increases in taxes to help offset a national debt that recently exceeded the eighteen trillion dollar mark.

Disclaimer: The post is based solely on the opinion of the author and may or may not reflect in a factual manner in all instances.

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