Saturday, May 9, 2015

Powersite Sewer Project moving forward!

Heavy equipment being staged on the River Run side of Bull Shoals
An estimated $2.2 million sewer bore project that would run through solid limestone rock 20 feet below Bull Shoals Lake and which was approved by the Taney County Commission after many years of discussion, looks to be finally moving forward.

As I understand it, the project consists of two steel bores 18 inches in diameter running side-by-side that would each encase a polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, pipe 12 inches in diameter where currently 250 gallons of waste per minute would travel underneath Bull Shoals Lake to the Ozark Beach system, then to the Forsyth waste water treatment plant.

According to my sources at GRE, the bore hole will take about 60 days to complete and once that is working to everyone's satisfaction, the real work of trenching sewer lines in the Valley View Village area will commence in earnest. This could be as early as September if everything falls neatly into place.

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