Friday, May 29, 2015

River Run and Shadowrock Parks close!

River Run Park
After a relatively normal spring with normal rains, the Corps of Engineers have still managed to flood the lands along and down the Bull Shoals waterways! Is it any wonder that many people are upset?

As of May 29, 2015
The figures, (at right) for my area near Forsyth Missouri were tabulated by myself and may only represent an approximation of what the National Weather Service has for their records. As you can see, our area really hasn't had all that much rain when compared to historical standards. So, that brings up the question as to why the waterway is flooded? A situation that may become even more pronounced if the heavy rains that are forecast over the next few days actually materialize.

I took an opportunity to drive through Shadowrock Park only to discover from the Park attendant that it was also closed as was expected to flood! I was shocked as this park is higher in elevation than its sister park (River Run) to the south directly across Bull Shoals. According to the attendant, the reason for the rise in water levels was due to; 1) the desire by the government not to interfere with agriculture concerns in Hillary Clinton's home state of Arkansas and 2) that the Corps needed to reduce the water levels of Table Rock Lake upstream due to 'work that needed to be performed'! Really! You mean to tell me that the Corps couldn't have done this work over the winter when lake levels are traditionally lower? You mean to tell me the interests of people in another state trump those of us living in Missouri? Who knows...?

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  1. Awesome photography! Sorry about Shadowrock Park.....................