Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rockaway Boat races a bust early on!

The temperatures were in the 80's – check. Partly cloudy skies abounded with light winds – check! Hydroplanes were on the lake with crowds gathering - double check! Yes, it was almost a picture perfect day!

You'd think with a start like that, everyone would have a great opportunity to see some exciting racing action as groups of hydroplanes thundered around Taneycomo lake speeds in excess of 80 miles an hour! But, sadly that didn't take place. (At least it didn't take place when it was supposed to). And just why was that?

Apparently the one ambulance that was on duty that day, got busy! It was late to show up and when it finally did, was called out on numerous back to back calls... and so the boats just sat there and the crowds never materialized..... As someone once said long ago – this was no way to run a railroad.

Well, there's always Sunday - maybe they will get their act together!

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  1. Sorry, this may me laugh out loud - Murphy's Law comes to mind!