Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day 2016!

For perhaps the first time in my memory, I celebrated Saint Patrick's Day without imbibing any green beer! Actually, I did not have any beer at all, for I was in the midst of a month long abstinence that began on March the 1st! So, coke in hand, I found myself sitting on a third floor balcony looking over a small valley through which ran Lake Taneycomo. And even though the temperature was a coolish 65F, I found that due to my western exposure and clear skies, that the temperature was quite comfortable. Looking upwards at my anemometer, I could tell that there was a light wind coming out of the west. Sitting there, I was reminded of a time, decades ago, when I lived in an apartment complex in Schaumburg Il. That place also had a second floor balcony and faced south. I think the year was 1990 and that man was far younger than the old person I am today.

So, in many ways, I'd come full circle. In those intervening days that went by all too swiftly, I had owned a couple of homes, fought the grass, lived and grew old. Funny thing about living. It's sometimes over before you even knew it. and on this day, I had not a stitch of green on!

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