Friday, March 18, 2016

That mean old prison problem!

In the spirit of thinking way outside the box, I recently addressed the prison population problem in America....

To say our prisons are overcrowded would be an understatement as the graph shown here indicates. Of that population, a majority are incarcerated due to drug offenses. But, since those individuals broke the law, I have little remorse to share for them or their fate. Still, it is very apparent that we will need to do something in the near term that doesn't involve the building of more and more centers of confinement.

So, here's my proposal. Let's set up a lottery. Each year there would be a drawing with about 25% of the prison population being lucky 'winners'. What do they win? Well, here's the deal. We would take these individuals to special military camps where they would be given a modicum of training, handed a gun (sans ammo), two weeks rations and then shipped via a group of C-130 Hercules to be dropped over hot spots like Raqqa, Syria! They would then be charged with the simple task of survival and should they make it back to America, by what ever means, would be given much reduced sentences. Now just imagine a force of thirty to forty thousand of these sorts of people landing in the middle of an ISIS stronghold! (Sort of like a remake of the Dirt Dozen run amok, I would imagine...).

The upshot of such an effort would be multi-fold. For one thing, we would free up a lot of room in the prison system. For another, a few surviving inmates might get a chance at a better life once they got back home. And finally, the media would have a brand new reality series for viewers world wide. Oh, and as to the fate of ISIS? Well, that would be the real icing on the cake wouldn't it... See a win-win deal all the way around! Oh, and I almost forgot! Yes, the men would get ammo, of course. It would be dropped at selected sites all over the target area making for a rather mad dash in the vein of the movie It's a Mad Mad Mad World!

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