Sunday, May 27, 2018

My memorial weekend BBQ chicken!

Whenever a holiday like Memorial Day comes around, I like to cook myself up a batch of BBQ slathered chicken drumsticks to eat and enjoy. Of course anyone can cook chicken, but it takes a very 'special' person who knows the art of grilling to come up with a batch like you see above!

Best ever Holiday weather with temps close to 90!
Now appearances notwithstanding, there's a lot that goes into both the sauce and the method of cooking. First off, while I do use a commercial BBQ sauce like Bulls-Eye, I've never been content with leaving well enough alone! No sir! I will normally add a touch of hot sauce as I like my chicken to bite me right back when I'm eating! That's why I add a squirt or two of Tabasco sauce to liven the party up a little! Just before grilling, I wash the chicken, pat everything dry and spray on a light coat of cooking oil. They are then placed in a small Weber styled grill and cooked for about 45 minutes to an hour over hot coals.

Needles to say, the food was great, especially when served with a side of potato salad. 

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