Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Random Thoughts for May 2018!

Are area restaurants understaffed?

Forsyth MO – It may be hard to believe, but local restaurants sometimes get very busy. The problem is that at other times, they can be very slow. As a result, some venues may appear to be understaffed. A situation that can result in longer than usual wait times.

That was the situation, when I stopped for breakfast at an eatery, where I normally get lightening fast service. It took my order a lot longer than normal and to add insult to the situation, I had chosen a booth next to an open window. As I had no jacket, I was close to freezing the entire time, not to mention having to eat my food as fast as possible before it too was ice cold.

I took away two lessons from this experience; 1) pick only off hours to go eat and 2) make sure that the booth I picked did not have a freezing gale blowing through it.

Amnesty International, a total crud group!

Let's not mince words here, the group of nut jobs and insane lawyers that form immigrant caravans every year, just so that illegals can gain entry to the US, are terrorists in my book. Pure and simple. They are out to destroy national borders and to thereby wreck civilized societies. People who are not unlike ISIS, only they don't burn people. My thinking is to go ahead and to label them as terrorist outlaws and to place a nice bounty on their heads. You know dead or alive, and preferably the former.

Iran lies?

I wish you could see the complete shock on my face! It seems that Iran has been lying to the world for years concerning its nuclear ambitions. As a matter of fact, recent intel has uncovered the fact that if an Iranian official is flapping his gums, he is also likely lying his balls off. Turns out that now, even by following the letter of the agreement, these Islamic nut jobs can have not one, but an entire nuclear arsenal ready to launch in just a couple of years! Swell... Good job Obama you A-hole!

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