Monday, April 30, 2018

Jesus in Gethsemane Park!

As this crazy world swirls around us all. Sometimes, we may forget what is really important!
We are all made in His image, I believe. Our start is at birth, our transition is at death.
The span of each of our existences, very precious in this world
and yet..

Perhaps, just the first minute of forever in His!

'Praise God and rejoice to know that the Creator, His Son and the virgin Mary
are with each of us, for this and each second of our lives:

All our trials of body, those good times and bad. The fears we all have, the pains we all garner with age...
And, when the darkness closes in on each of us, at the end of day.
And, when it all seems so pointless. A new dawn breaks.

Have great joy, everyone!

For, God is the Light, the Way and the Course forward,
Forever!' Duh

A side note from me, they don't thech typing in heaven or here on earht!
Just better times...'DanO is an idiot' - God. BTW Dan calls me Skippy! WTF?

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