Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Walk away. The Four Tops!

Racial prejudice is a learned thing. God kicks us into this world willy nilly with little to no regard for physical attributes like skin color, height, sex or any other attribute. This world, into which we are all dumped via our mother's birth canal, is what it is. A very small fraction of us happened to land in a place called America and at a time of incredible comforts and technological marvels. Go figure!

But here's bottom line. Life will suck for many of us. Life will be unfair, (if you live long enough). Yet, time will move, moment to moment and from cradle to grave. And, it doesn't help anyone very much, if you spend that short time focusing on you're neighbors f'ing skin color!

'The fabric of existence I did so mold.
A universe of dreams to yet be foretold.
My finest creations born, part of a Holy key.
Two beings, one half of a part of Me,
Even to this day, I watch what they yet might be!

Where am I this day? I am the dawn of each day of your lives.
My Children, walk, live and love, for I am with you forever and ever!
Duh, I'm the frigging Sun!'

Oh, and that was God's words. Truth!
As told by a village idiot
who was given cherry pie on this day.

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