Monday, May 21, 2018

Home fries as part of the DanO Dog and fries! Easy to make and a whole cheaper than store bought!

While the focus of this post is in making home fries, I also wanted to tie it all together with a DanO Dog!

Prep your fries: Take a medium Russet potato, roughly square off the sides with a knife. I had about 80 grams worth after the cutting.

Cut the potato lengthwise into french fry sized pieces. Pat dry with a paper towel.

Place the potato fries on a microwave safe plate and nuke them for a 1min 45 sec.

Cool them off a bit, pat dry again and seal in Saran wrap or an air tight container.
Finally, place them in the freezer until ready to use. I generally make up four to five batches to use whenever the mood strikes me. When that time comes, they get a quick shot in the microwave just to get them to room temperature!

When ready to cook: Preheat ¼ cup of oil in a frying pan over medium high heat. Place these pieces into the hot oil and cook until brown (about 3 minutes). Remove and place the fries on a paper towel and light sprinkle with salt. Viola you be done!

Nutritional info:
Here's the whole DanO Meal deal. Other than the fantastic taste, what good can be said for this meal - Nothing! This is something you could feed unwanted in laws every single day, right up to the point in time that an ambulance took their bloated carcasses away.

Summary: Easy and cheap at only about twenty five cents! With a little practice, you might find that you even like these more than the commercial ones.

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