Saturday, May 19, 2018

What's missing at local eateries? A good cheap hot dog!

DanO's Dog
After trying out the hot dog offerings from the various and sundry eateries that offered them from time to time, I came to a couple of realizations; 1) I didn't particularly care for the so-called 'all beef' dogs and 2) those fancy rolls they used in place of a plain old hot dog bun were not for me. Give me a Ballpark bun and a really cheap pork and chicken stuffed dog every time!

So, I wondered when any of the local venues I eat at might wise up and offer a dawg and fries at a very affordable price?

Pictured above is a 'contrived photo' that shows a DanO Dog I had made (cost .33 cents) and a batch of fries ($2.26) from McDonald's. The condiments I used were a simple mix of mustard, relish, and chopped hot peppers and onion in about equal proportions. The end result was a dog with a slight kick!

Now, to the best of my memory, only a couple of locations have offered this sort of fair over the years; Sonic (which has since discontinued the Chicago dog) and the Frosted Mug. Both charge about five to six dollars for the combo. A price point I felt was a bit on the high side. By using the cheapo bun and dogs, I would think that could be chopped down to about $2.00 or so... Just a thought. In the meantime, I've contented myself with making my own meal for about half a buck!

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