Friday, July 20, 2018

After seeing that I had gained weight.... I made pasta!

I got down to business and made myself up a batch of pasta! What? Yes, I've always felt that when you begin to let events start to control your life, then it's time to say WTF!

Of the many pasta's I've tried, over the years, I like Penne Rigate most! It's fast to cook up (7 minutes), absorbs the sauce really well and makes my tummy very happy!

But, what about your diet, you may well ask? No biggie. Like all things food, it's really the calories you have to watch, and in the cast of pasta, it's all about portions.

According to the package, a ¾ cup (56 grams) of dried Penne will contain about 200 calories. Add a very simple tomato sauce and you would be pushing about 350 calories, all told. That's not really bad, in my book at least!

Where you have to exercise caution would be with topping like Parmesan cheese and such. The only side I like to add is a slice of garlic bread which throws another 120 or so calories into the meal mix. Still a very livable repast....

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