Friday, July 20, 2018

My daily planner form! Am I nuts?

Since nature decided to make me a very OCD sort of person, I've learned to accept the need for detailed records in my life and went with the flow. One result was the development and use of a daily log and planning system....


What started as a very simple log page of my daily activities, changed over time, into a rather complex yet informative form. Above is pictured the form that I currently use to help plan and to track my day to day existence. Each page contain tow of these, representing two days. Following is a brief key to each section;

A - Date, Cash on hand and a symbol of my belief in living drug free, while eating a proper diet and getting just enough exercise so that I keep going.

B - Exercise panel that help me track such items as 8 min bike riding, sit-ups, curls, light and heavy walking, etc.

C - My To Do list. The older I've become, the more sparse this section became.

D - Menu of food for the day including snacks. (This section is tied into a data file that analyses my nutritional intake.

E - Meds taken. At the time, I was only taking various forms of aspirin for joint pains.

F - Heating and AC devices used. All things being equal, the majority of my electric bills reflect how much heating or air conditioning I used during any given month. I have a device (T.E.D.) that displays my power use in kilowatt hours each day.

G - Weather stats. I'm something of a weather nut ( and so like to track Mother Nature.

Now while it may sound like I spend a ton time filling out various forms, that is not really the case at all! In general, I spend only about 20 minutes during the course of a 24 hour period to plan, enter and execute. I keep these records in a set of binders ( I'll go into more detail at a later time) from one month to the next and so have a rather interesting sort of 'diary' that currently stretches back a few years!

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