Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sitting in the dark!

It was about 8PM, or so, on Friday July the 19th when I noticed that the cable had died. No internet and no TV. Then, about five minutes later the power went also. So, there I was sitting in the dark on one of the hottest evening of the summer....

Apparently, something blew at the Powersite substation above the Powersite Dam (which was also not working at the time). And so, I went on to bed and lay there in the dark wondering when things would get back to 'normal'. About two hours later, the power did come back on as did my air conditioner, so I was able to get some sleep. But as I fell to sleep, my mind pondered the question of out power infrastructure and what sort of shape it was in. Were the problems sporadic and local or were they more widespread? Following is the response I received from Liberty Utilities after I inquired as to the cause of the outage;

From: Doreen Maynard
Sent: Saturday, July 20, 2019 10:20 AM

Subject: Outage

Unfortunately we cannot promise service 24/7 but when we do experience an outage we respond as quickly and safely as possible.   We did have and issue with a substation,  we can’t predict when this might happen however with the extremely high heat index we have experienced that may cause extra load on our equipment. With our lineman responding quickly and our customers conserving usage we will do our best to make sure outages are as infrequent as possible.

Thank you
Doreen Maynard | Liberty Utilities  (Missouri) | Customer Service Rep-Contact Center-Sr
P:  E:
3400 S Kodiak Road, Joplin, MO 64804
While I greatly appreciated the prompt response, I still could not help but be a little troubled. Was the power grid getting a bit old? Was it not able to keep up with the increased loads placed on it by a society that craves electrical devices? It was my sincere hope that Liberty Utilities, a Canadian owned power company, would stay on top of these questions.

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