Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Pink Floyd - Time and Pansporial tranmission!

Racial and gender diversification, like the pure light of the sun, split through a prism are actually very good things. Just as the differing frequencies and harmonics resulting from the sun’s light going through a simple prism, do result in a revealing of light’s intrinsic basic structures. So then, did the Creator’s creation of mankind evolve over many eons of time. Self awareness is a very precious commodity in all the universe. It was and still is the gold standard. The Creator, I do believe, made humankind, like that light in a prism, to be split into various shades and colors. Not to divide us, but to make us stronger. Likewise, He also challenged us with various tongues.Asshole!

None of the events that happened during all those times. The wars, the famines or the suffering of so many were ever done in an offhanded manner. The time each soul spends from birth to death is short for some and longer for others. Yet, in all cases, each soul's time on this earth was a proving ground designed by God. Some have and will prove worthy, while others will not. (But fear not, I have faith that the Lord’s house is pretty large and will accommodate all His children).

Here on earth. It is only our inherent diversity, as a species, that has insured that we could survive, both as a self aware traveler from our individual births to yet another to awakening on passing.

In the end, both time and humanity will march forward under the Lord’s watchful gaze.. Next up. Life really is a disease... https://forsythkid.blogspot.com/2014/08/pm-today-this-disease.html

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