Saturday, September 5, 2020

The role fear is playing in today's politics!

'The universal trigger for fear is the threat of some kind of harm harm, real or imagined. This threat can be for our physical, emotional or psychological well-being. While there are certain things that trigger fear in most of us, some can learn to become afraid of nearly anything.'

Today, in late 2020, fear has certainly done a number not just on the US, but on the entire world! And that fear can be traced to just one Country. China, when it 'accidentally' released a horrific virus. As a result of either sheer stupidity or malicious intent, the fortunes of millions have been destroyed. Sure, the Coronavirus may or may not have been engineered in a Wuhan bio-research facility, it may have or may not have been a containable contagion early on in December 2019... But what is becoming clearer, every day, is that it's killing has done the Chinese government a very great service... My estimate of the actual numbers of dead in China would be something like just under a million. (That million being very expendable older folks that a country with 1.5 billion could easily shrug off). And, even that number could be way off. The thing is, the Marxist regime in China doesn't like to publish anything that would reflect poorly on their socialist state. (You know, in exactly the same way that CNN and other Leftist outlets like to 'massage' their news, prior to it being released). And, yes boys and girls, that's really bad news for our Republic.

The thing is, China's gestapo-styled troops always crush any hint of insurrection (See recent news articles on Hong Kong). Here in America, however, we still are clinging to the First Amendment... You know, the one that enables some truth to leak out from time to time. Mass media outlets like Fox News, while not perfect, have at least made an attempt at fair and balanced reporting, while others have not. As a matter of fact, some stations have dropped all pretense of any factual reporting at all when it comes to President Trump! Don't believe me? OK. Here's a test you can perform at home. The next time Trump gives a public White House briefing take some notes then, after he is done, switch over to CNN to see what they report. Amazing right? The channel anchors will lie or distort what he said and they will still manage to keep straight faces even while laughing on the inside. Good acting skills, eh?

The end result of millions of us Americans being fed a diet of garbage while being kept in the dark concerning true news about the virus - (The real news, not the crap everyone is currently being fed) - Has affected way too many of us physically, emotionally and psychologically in ways that can't be easily accessed. Add that fear, watching Democrat inspired terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM trash and burn our cities, and you have lit a very volatile candle that could explode at any time. And yes everyone, a large scale revolution is the true objective of both the Democratic Party and of the Chinese government!

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