Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lame duck session rams legislation through in spite of citizen desires!

Go figure this one out. After getting pretty much zero done all last year, the lame duck session is in full overdrive. Composed, in part, by people thrown out by the America voters,  it has managed to do it yet one more time. That is piss us Americans off.  For my part, I’m walking away from this year with an after-image of whining; slightly hysterical individuals who passed questionable legislation that would have been much better off waiting for January hearings and clearer minds. Now, as the year thankfully draws to a close, I've made a News Years resolution. That is, never to listen to anything any Democrat (and most Republicans) try to push down my throat. Some of these people are a complete disgrace to the Republic and 2012 cannot get here too soon for me. (Please vote in the next election and kick these son’s of bitches out of office and out of our lives)!

Also, hands off my internet please. Net Neutrality and subsequent control by the FCC is perhaps the worst idea to come out of the rear ends of legislators for some time. (Don't fix something that ain't broke stupid)! Hey! Here's a ground breaking idea! How about working on securing Americans more jobs, or even on reducing the debt. You know, the work we sent you folks to Capitol Hill to do in the first place! Alas, I'm afraid as a final movement (as in bowel), this group of wet ends will now fuck up the last bastion of a free internet market before retiring home for the Holidays. A place they can suck eggs and tell family members what a great job they did and maybe still have someone who'll believe them.


Meanwhile, the glowing embers of citizen anger will continue to burn quietly in the night.


The only consolation I will take with me into 2011 will be watching Obama scamper over and embrace the Republicans as though they were long lost brothers. Sorry Harry Reid, but politics demand he now discard the far left like a man who stops to scrap dog crap off a shoe. It's too bad, though, the smell will linger for some time.

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