Thursday, December 23, 2010

A yard cross? But of course!

It seems that that whenever America works its way through troubled times, there is also an attack on the Christians who call this country their home. Lately it's been a tiny fraction who call themselves atheists and who are now complaining that they are offended by anything display of religion in public places.

Christians have turned their cheeks for a very long time and the tendency has been to cow-toe to the demands of this infinitesimally small group of men and women. I think that time is perhaps now at and end.

I urge everyone, no matter what their faith, to exercise that faith both in private and in public. If the godless among us are insulted, that's just too bad. For my part, I plan to place a cross in my front yard and will gladly speak to any who will listen about my relationship with Jesus and the Holy Father. God bless any who take up His name in this time of troubled waters.

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