Friday, December 10, 2010

Random thoughts for December the 10th

What is wrong with the members of congress?

Do they not get it that the average American’s fuse is getting shorter all the time? Capitol Hill is looking more and more like a pile of back-biting, mindless morons who are more concerned with themselves and how they look than with doing the business they were elected to office to perform. I can guarantee that no matter what happens, the American people will suffer because of the complete incompetence by these men and women.

It’s time for everyone, no matter what platform they support, to send a message that come 2012, as many as is possible will be ousted from office. Support and elect only third party candidates.

The average age of a Wikileaks supporter is like 13!

I was shocked and amused to find out that most of Assange’s following are kids who are barely out of their diapers. The ringleader in the attacks was 16! As this group fades from the consciousness of the world, let it be a lesson to us all. Children will act like children and have no place in a world run by adults. Julian, I hope you find yourself a new boyfriend while in prison. You both can then explore the playground that is your body.

Iran denies woman sentenced to stoning was freed.

“Some Western media outlets claimed Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani had been released from prison,” Press TV said today on its English-language website. The reports are part of a “vast publicity campaign by Western media,” it said.

No, I have it on solid grounds that the hair-balled whack-jobs like those running the state TV station are generally too stoned out on heroin to be sure of much of anything. For my part, I hope she has escaped this Alice in Wonderland Gone Mad country. I also pray that Allah, in his infinite wisdom, does a number on the leadership there. Amen.

California is about to go down the tubes!

Hey everyone! You may want to grab a souvenir or two, before the United States is forced to sell this state of disaster off to China as a deposit on the interest we owe them. An insane 28 billion dollar budget shortfall will be well beyond the idiotic dreams of even the most staunch Democrat to patch over. This is one can, that if you tried to kick it down the street, would break your foot.

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