Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Critique: Banquet’s Turkey Meal

Gobble gobble! It’s turkey dinner time and I thought I'd do yet another cheap TV dinner critique of a meal from our friends at Con Agra. Sometimes I get the feeling that they put out a new TV dinner every day cause I'm losing track here!  I'll also admit I’ve become somewhat of a sucker for the fast salt-high that these one buck meals give me. I'll just bet you all that Con Agra’s secret motto is something like, “When in doubt, salt the crap out of it”! But, I digress...

While this 250 calorie mini-meal comes in at a mind boggling 1,060 milligrams of sodium, it really shouldn't be a concern as long as hypertension isn't a problem in your life.( Although if you eat this sort of stuff on a regular basis, it will be)!  And, even though there's not much turkey meat in this meal, the salty gravy was outstanding and made up for it to a great extent. (This was real turkey meat wasn't it Con Agra, you're not sticking a little bit of horse meat in there are you)? I also liked the potatoes and even the peas. Maybe I’m just becoming Banquet-brain-washed. Not sure…

This is one dinner that I would have no problem keeping stashed in the back of the freezer for those occasions when I didn’t feel like cooking something up, which is most of the time. Overall, I would give this repast a solid 7 on a scale of ten.

Update: This meal deal was on sale at .89 cents in Feb 2015 in my small town of Forsyth MO. It's still a great way to get some moderate calories that taste pretty good for cheap money! Ate this again in March and my heart is still pushing the blood through my aging body! Just in case you think I'm a shill for products from Banquet, please check out my review of their pasta and popcorn chicken!

Update: By 2016 (Feb), this meal cost $1.25! And, was now edging closer into the 'Don't Bother' category.

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