Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sprucing up a salad in early spring!

Every spring you can count on me to have something tasty growing somewhere in my yard! Whether it’s a few odd lettuce plants placed here or there or some sprigs of chives, it’s these little surprises that can make late winter much more endurable.

Today, I was sappy to find that some romaine lettuce I planted next to my driveway last year had bulked up and was ready for harvest. What a nice deal that was too. No bugs or bug eaten leaves to worry about. The chives, which I have divided into clumps here and there all over the lot, are up and make a super tasty addition to a tossed salad. 

At only about 120 calories including a low fat dressing, this crunchy salad makes a tasty and low impact addition to any meal.

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