Sunday, March 25, 2012

What happens when gas goes through the roof?

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According to experts, a $10 increase in a barrel of oil translates into roughly a 25 cent increase in retail gasoline prices. Every one penny increase in gasoline is then worth about $1 billion in household energy consumption and will be paid for by the masses via staggering increases in transportation, food, fertilizer, plastics and clothing. And, the real rub to all these increases? Sadly, much of that money will go directly to the countries who seek to overthrow our way of life!

I cannot remember a time, over the course of my long life, of having lived through such a period of needless chaos as that which has occurred under the Obama Administration. His policies and directives have resulted in one crushing failure after another with even his ‘crown jewel’ accomplishment of Health Care now under consideration by the Supreme Court as to its constitutionality.

Today, the Nation is teetering on the brink of complete economic collapse courtesy of inept command and control in the White House combined with the advice of truly evil men who I feel are seeking the destruction of this country from within. Even the very men and women who have been elected to the Halls of Congress to solve our nation’s problems have been rendered completely impotent and useless by the sheer mass of corruption and power mongering that goes on behind closed doors. Today, the result of over three years of poor administration is becoming clearer each and every day as a once all powerful Republic struggles for 'economic air' amid outside forces that seek to still its breath forever.

This spring of 2012, the battle for survival has shifted to the cost of energy. While we struggle in the very midst of a crisis he has helped to create; the President had the unmitigated gall, in a recent address, to suggest that one way out might be through the use of algae! He also insists that, even though they currently supply less than 2% of our countries energy needs, that somehow windmills will save us and make of free. That solar power is still the wave of the future in spite of the disasters as seen in Solyndra.  Well, Mr. President, I beg to differ and with any luck, you and your sorry group of elitist idiots will be thrown out of office come November of this year.

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