Saturday, June 30, 2012

Erik Holder baby! You need to call Obama right away!

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With the election now only a few months away, the Democratic Party needs more than ever to show philosophical solidarity by flocking together around their President and Supreme Leader. Even Erik Holder could benefit by hanging near (or on) the President's right arm. Heck, a group picture with our main man surrounded by folks like Holder, Reid and Pelosi might even serve as a clear reminder of just what four more years of his iron-fisted rule could bring! Let’s take a moment to think back to all that has been accomplished by this stellar group lo these past few years:

Obama Nannycare – Surely, now that the Supreme Court has given its approval, everyone can now see what a genius this man is.With over two thousand pages, experts predict it will be sometime in the next decade before everything in it is understood. Truly, a document for the ages. Yes? No?

The No Budget Budget – Only Obama and the Democrats could have had the leadership to show the world that you can run a government with absolutely no controls on spending. Budget! We don’t need no stinking Budget!

Foreign Relations – This man named Obama, this President of the Free World, now stands alone when it come to Foreign Affairs. Uh, that’s it. He pretty much stands alone now as the one friend he did have, Israel, can no longer stand the guy. But wait! I understand that he is warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood...

The Great Comer Together Guy – Let’s all face that fact that were it not for those insane Republicans, this man (who I secretly like to refer to as the New Moses) would have passed more significant legislation than he did…which has been pretty much nothing to date. So, is that really a bad thing? Perhaps he's just holding back until he gets re-elected...

Fast and Furiously – The President has craftily managed to not only exert his Executive Privilege on suppressing all those pesky documents that crazy man Issa has been seeking, but has also made the point to Americans everywhere that his government business is really none of their business. I say bravo to that! I mean being a mushroom is a good thing, right?

Well, that's about all I could find. Perhaps there's more! Please let me know if there's more...

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